Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation Pictures

This post is mainly for my family, who, I am convinced, want to see where we were and what we did...other than from my phone. :)

Kailua Beach
 Hawaiian music and dance
 (We didn't get many other pics because we were either too far back, too enthralled with the dance and music from those islands, or Pat was taping it, which I will also post...once I can find them!)
 Laie Temple
We saw an amazing rainbow one evening. This picture doesn't do it justice. 
It was seriously the brightest rainbow I've ever seen.
 View from restaurant where I ate breakfast!
Originally when I posted this I was thinking it was from Kualoa Ranch. Then, I wondered what had happened to the picture I took when I was eating breakfast and Pat was working. Apparently I confused it with the ranch pics! Anyway, now this is accurate, and that makes me smile. :)

This was the view from the Ranch's porch!

Kualoa Ranch was once owned by the the Kamehameha family. One of the King Kamehameha's sold it in the 1800's to a Dr that came to the island to help the people. He sold the land for somewhere around $1,400. Today, that amount of money is worth $65,000. There are several thousand acres, which also include private beaches, and ChinaMan's Hat island. Also included are three mountains. The land has stayed in the Dr's family ever since, and they have it as an operating cattle ranch. They give all kinds of tours there - ATV, movie, boat, horseback, etc. It's really a cool place. If you ever go to Oahu, I'd recommend at least one of their tours. They start at $26/per person.
 Just realize the next several are from Kualoa Ranch...
it was beautiful there!

 Old sugar mill on Kualoa Ranch
Driving on our tour - of the movie sets.

 The tree where they hid
from the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park
 Pat and I, again, on the Kualoa Ranch drive...
I don't normally wear my hair back, but we were going to the ocean, and be in wind,
and I just decided to risk it...don't judge!
 This is where Hurley played golf on Lost.
THE reason I wanted to go on this tour was because of the beauty in Lost and in Jurassic Park. I always thought that I'd love to see those sights, and we did!

Oh, and Jurassic Park was mostly shot on Kauai, but the hurricane that hit in 1992 wiped out their set; that happens to be the same year Pat and I last were in Hawaii, on Kauai. That hurricane hit six months after we were there, and much of what we saw was gone.
 Godzilla's footprint - there were several
 Windtalkers - mostly filmed in this area
 This was some Aztec Sci-fi movie;
can't remember the name

 George of the Jungle

  A battery from WWII - part of Pearl Harbor was shot here, the movie, obviously it was really there.
We noticed quite a few of them around the island.
Outside the battery,
you can actually see it from the highway
 The outside of the battery

 On our boat tour - it was only one hour...not three!
(Gilligan reference, for those who 'get' it)
 ChinaMan's Hat island
On the way to the island the water was very,
very choppy. In fact I nearly fell down
because the boat really rocked hard.
We saw large turtles swimming in the water -
Pat saw 3, I saw 1 & 1/2 (the 1/2 was underwater)
Dole Plantation - home of the famous Dole Whips. 
We started getting those here in 1988.
The place has changed A LOT.

Just down the road from us at Waikiki Beach; 
found this lighthouse, where a home is actually attached. Pretty cool.
 View from the road.
Last picture taken while there. Same area.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures, and the tour. It really was beautiful there. I am so grateful we could go. Next time hopefully our whole family can! :)

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